friendly reminder that there’s a cut scene in Thor that while the Destroyer is blowing shit up, Darcy runs into the pet store to save all the animals and give them to people leaving the town

as things are being set on fire around her, she talks to the dog, telling him I  won’t let the big scary monster step on you,  and names it Baker


Why was this cut? I need that scene in the film!



On their first date Lily asks James why he was talking to a dog and James says he’s just a lovable stray that hangs around Hogsmeade and Lily says ‘Oh really, whats his name?’ and James panics and blurts out ‘Snuffles’ because it’s the first thing that comes to his mind and Sirius rolls his eyes at the name but secretly likes it, and…and years later, he asks Harry to call him that…and…I NEED TO LIE DOWN AND COUNT TO TEN TO CALM MYSELF.